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K Visa

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The K visa program was designed for fiancés of United States citizens to temporarily enter the United States to be married and then to apply for permanent residency based on that marriage once it has occurred. The K visa program includes several types of visas designed to allow fiancés and fiancées to enter and remain in the United States until they can obtain lawful permanent residency:

K-1 visa – The K-1 visa allows the fiancé of fiancée of a United States citizen to enter the United States. Both spouses must be legally free to marry and must marry within 90 days of arrival. To prevent fraud, immigration law requires that the parties have met in person at least once in the 2 years preceding his or her K visa application.

K-2 visa – K-2 visas may be issued to the children of the K-1 visa applicant as long as they are unmarried and under the age of 21.

K-3 visa – Once the marriage has been made official, the foreign national spouse may apply for both permanent residency and a K-3 nonimmigrant visa. The K-3 allows that spouse to enter and live in the United States while the application for lawful permanent residency is being processed. This visa becomes invalid in 30 days if that application is denied or if the marriage is terminated.

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