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U and T Visa and Temporary Protective Status (“TPS”)

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The U visa, T visa and TPS are designed to promote humanitarian goals and assist law enforcement in prosecuting those who perpetrate human rights abuses. As a method of cooperating with law enforcement, these different types of visas grant temporary nonimmigrant status to victims of crime who can assist with investigation and prosecution.

U visas – Individuals who have suffered substantial mental or physical injury as victims of crime in the United States may qualify to remain temporarily in the country to assist law enforcement and provide testimony against the perpetrator.

T visas – Individuals trafficked into the United States can remain in the country temporarily under a T visa. Applicants must be able to show that removal from the United States would cause them extreme hardship and must agree to cooperate with law enforcement regarding the investigation.

TPS – Nationals from certain designated countries currently under a state of distress who would otherwise be deportable under United States immigration law can apply for temporary protected status and an indefinite stay of deportation.

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