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Thinking of building a home or remodeling/renovating your existing home? Do you need a permit?

Tue 24th Sep, 2019 | Blog, General by

By Mark S. Slack (Litigation Group)

You must have a permit issued by the appropriate government authority, such as Collier County,   City of Naples, or Lee County. The permit application should be completed by the Florida licensed general contractor that you have contracted with to build or remodel your home. Failure to obtain a permit could result extra costs, delays, removal or demolition of the unpermitted work and/or fines.   Additionally, when you sell your home the buyer or its representative will generally conduct a “permit search”.  If this search discloses to any unpermitted work, the buyers’ lender or title insurer will require after the fact permits on/or inspection by the government authority to confirm the work meets code.  If the work does not meet code, you as seller, would be responsible for the cost of bringing the work to code and obtaining the permit.    This will delay the sale of your home until such time as the permit issues are resolved. 

Before hiring any contractor you should verify their license, insurance and be sure to have an attorney review the contract.

The only work that is exempt from Collier County permit requirements described below

  1. Electrical
  2. Repair work performed by licensed electrical contractors that does not exceed $1,500.00 in value of materials and labor.
  3. Repair or replace existing light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  4. Repair or replace electrical wall switches and wall outlet devices of 20 amps or less and 120 volts.
  5. Repair or replace the following low voltage (under 77 volts) devices:

(a)  Telephone

(b)  Television

(c)  Data Cable

(d)  Central Vacuum

(e)  Burglar Alarm

(f)   Intercom System 

  1. Plumbing
  2. Repair/replace work performed by licensed plumbing contractors that does not exceed $1,500.00 in value of materials and labor.
  3. Repair water solar panels by licensed plumbing contractors.
  4. Change out of an above ground LP tank 100 lbs or less.
  5. Repair irrigation system.
  6. Repair domestic water service/lines.
  7. Unclog sewer stoppage.
  8. Repair sewer line excluding repair or replacement of interceptors, separators by licensed plumbing contractors.
  9. Repair/replace faucets.
  10. Repair/replace water closet/bidet/urinal fixtures only.
  11. Repair/replace sink/lavatory/drinking fountain fixtures only.
  12. Repair/replace residential pool equipment other than pool heater.
  13. Repair/replace shut off valve on a domestic water line.
  14. Repair/replace and house pumps not exceeding 2 hp.
  15. Repair/replace residential disposal.
  16. Repair/replace residential dishwasher.
  17. Repair/replace like-for-like kind electric water heater up to 52-gallon capacity to include electrical connection.
  18. Repair/replacement of water purification/water softener equipment. 

III. Mechanical

  1. Repair work performed by licensed mechanical contractors that does not exceed $1,000.00 in cost for parts and labor.
  2. Repair of air conditioning duct.
  3. Repair or replace coil, compressor or refrigerant piping by licensed mechanical contractor.
  4. Repair or replace non-combustion heating by licensed mechanical contractors.
  5. Repair ventilation fans.
  6. Replacement of window air conditioning unit.
  7. Installation of ductless ventilation and range hoods.
  8. Building
  9. Repair work performed by licensed contractors per Florida Statute 489 that is not structural in nature and does not change the occupancy, does not affect life safety and the value of which does not exceed $1,500.00 in labor and materials.
  10. The repair of any roof covering not exceeding $1,500.00 in value of materials and labor or work not exceeding two roofing squares (200 sq. ft.) in extent.
  11. Installation or repair of satellite dishes installed in accordance with manufacturers specification and in compliance with local zoning requirements.
  12. Installation re repair of canvas or cloth covered awnings.
  13. Installation or repair of rain gutters.
  14. Enclosure of existing covered patios/balconies/porches with screening.
  15. Cement plaster (stucco) applied directly onto structures constructed of concrete masonry units. Application of cement plaster must meet or exceed the manufacturers’ recommendations.  All other application will require a permit including but not limited to wood, Exterior Insulation Foam System (EIFS), brick siding, or other application over metal lath or wire lath fabric.
  16. Door replacement including swinging, sliding, pivoting, and rolling which does not otherwise create a new opening, enlarge or reduce an existing opening, or require the removal of any exterior or interior finish material serving a single family residence or other miscellaneous utility building constructed on a residential zoned lot. This exemption shall not allow nor relieve the building owner, unit owner, installer or contractor from complying with wind load and opening protection requirements of the Florida Building Code.
  17. Movable cases, counters, and partitions not over 10 feet in height.
  18. Cabinetry, counter tops, painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, and other similar finish work. This exemption is not allowed nor applicable when the work or alteration affects the structural integrity of a load bearing wall, or the fire resistant material of a fire rated horizontal or vertical separation.  Projects located within a designated flood zone are required to comply with the substantial improvement requirements and submit a cost breakdown for any work which may be exempted from permits.

Swings and other playground equipment accessory.  This exemption shall not allow nor permit the encroachment of setbacks or the erection of any unsafe, structurally unsound, or dilapidated structure.  In the event the structure violates setbacks or is considered unsafe, structurally unsound, or dilapidated, the building official may require a permit.


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