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How to Report a Business that is Breaking the Law

Thu 12th Jun, 2014 | Blog by

Sometimes we get that feeling that something is just not right, either by hearing something through the grapevine or by having a first-hand encounter. Usually, we can just wrong these rights by talking to certain people or filing specific papers. However, what if the wrongdoer is a business? That can make things a little bit more daunting, but, have no fear. We will look over some helpful ideas about bringing a businesses’ unlawful practices to light.


First things first: DO NOT try to take things into your own hands. Dealing with businesses is on a very different scale. Therefore, the first you want to do is contact your local law enforcement agency. Simply phone in and file your complaint. After you file your complaint, what will usually happen is that a detective or officer will be assigned to check out what you said, and then they will want to get a statement from you firsthand.

Next, contact your State Attorney General’s Office (noticing a theme here? Go to those who know what they are doing). You especially want to do this if the business you are complaining about doesn’t have a physical office in your state, but, somehow, are still doing business in your state. For example an online business. Just as with your local police department, the AG’s office will assign one of their employees’  to your case, and then, most likely, ask for a statement from you.

Lastly, there are other options for you to take hold of depending on your situation. Let’s say that you know of a lawn-care company who is selling drugs on the side. You can simply contact the Department of Agriculture and file a formal complaint with them. This route allows other agencies to deal with contacting the authorities so you don’t have to. You would simply be the messenger.

After looking over these ideas, just remember to avoid attempting to save the day yourself. Things can become very complicated if you voluntarily jump into the middle of a minefield. Even if you know, for certain, that a business is committing a crime, always contact the authorities so that you don’t also find yourself in a mess of red tape.


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