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Protecting Yourself With Proper Documentation During Construction Projects

Thu 12th Jun, 2014 | Blog by

The key to any successful court case is through proper documentation and evidence. Having clean and updated contracts in an organized fashion protects your integrity… regardless of which side you are on.

You might be a homeowner, new to construction. If a contractor tells you that you have to pay more, you wouldn’t know what to believe. Most contractors are trustworthy, but there is no guarantee they all are 100% honest. Document everything you agree upon, and the work that they do, make copies and save. This way, if it comes down to it- you have written a proof that, you agreed on a certain fee, and that the price should not deviate from that amount.

Contrarily, you are a contractor, and you know what’s best. In certain situations, you may find much larger problems that cost more than originally stated. Ensure that you keep all documents as well, and if there is a chance the price could go upstate that in your first contract. If your prices are subject to change, your client has every right to be aware of that fact.

You also have to worry about those who will fake a dispute in order to avoid paying the bill. They know that courts often side with the customer, and they’ll try using that against you. If you organize and store every documented part of the project, then you will have nothing to fear if you do happen to get snagged by one of these people. Detailed records with dates and times will show that you practice responsibly and fairly, proving to the judge that you don’t deserve litigation.


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