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The Current Health of Business Law

Thu 12th Jun, 2014 | Blog by

If you are a business, then it is important that you know about the different laws that can affect you and your employees. Many area attorneys have said that regulatory changes, the economy and technology are affecting a variety of court cases. Below are a few factors to keep in mind regarding business law.

According to an article from, John Bachofner has noted that many different businesses seem to be cutting costs.

“ ’Some businesses have cut costs,’ said Bachofner, by reducing or avoiding legal counsel. Unfortunately, he continued, ‘this can result in litigation later, due to unclear contracts and unintended consequences’ of poorly written clauses.” Read More |

So, be sure that your clauses and statements regarding any aspect of your business are written with very clear and concise wording so that you don’t end up in such trouble.

Another attorney by the name of Joe Vance has said to refrain from super cheap prices with your front-end, because this can later affect your back-ends costs. Once your back-end costs start to increase and you find yourself in the area of differing litigation, then you really have no hope in getting ahead even if you end up coming out on top of your case.

Remember to be clear in every aspect of your business, especially in terms of your statements and clauses. Being on top of your business in this manner will help you stay ahead and avoid unforeseen and unwanted ligation later on down the road.


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